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Customer Testimonials

My name is Heather Kauffman and Jenny cared for my father Clyde in her home for the last several months of his life. My father suffered from dementia and as his condition advanced my choices for care diminished. I was faced with the prospect of putting my father in a nursing home, something I vowed I would never do. He had become agitated, withdrawn and truly sad before he arrived at Jenny's. In her care he smiled again, engaged in conversations and enjoyed company. She allowed him to have his own schedule, even staying up all night with him so that he would not have to be alone. She took him to appointments, listened to his music, cooked his favorite foods and became very special to him. The smile on his face when he saw her let me know that the patience she displayed when I was there occurred always, even when I was gone. She made holidays special and involved him in the planning. She even bought gifts for our family from him so he could enjoy our gift exchange. She cared for him in a way that allowed him to keep his dignity and to feel loved no matter the circumstances. She promised my father he would never have to leave her home and as his health declined her care increased. In his final days she comforted him, read to him and even slept in his room so that he would not have to die alone. Her final gift to him happened after his death when, with tears streaming down her face, she closed his tired eyes and dressed him in his favorite suit. She restored to him the pride and dignity that he enjoyed in life. To me, she is an angel. I work and could not care for my father full time but with Jenny I never worried. I was able to come and visit whenever and for however long I wanted but if I could not be there I trusted he was in good hands. I can never say or do enough to repay her for her kindness to us. She became like a daughter to my father and a sister to me and will always be. I have only the highest of all recommendations for Jenny's Helping Hands and I know whoever she cares for will be in the hands of an angel.

- Heather Kauffman

Clyde's daughter

Jenny provided care, in her home, for my sister who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Jenny provides quality care not just of the physical person, but also the mental and emotional needs as well. You can tell right away that her care doses not end when your loved one walks out her door.

While in her care my sister digressed through the stages of this disease and Jenny approached each stage with care and compassion even when my sister became agitated and aggressive. My loved one would still be in her care, but a skilled nursing facility was required due to our home limitations.

I cannot say enough good things about Ms. Scheschi. She is truly a professional and caring caregiver. I would recommend her to anyone who needs her services, and would look to her again, should the need arise.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Teresa Coulson

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Jenny Scheschi to provide at-home care for your loved one, during their final stages of life. My grandfather Max had always wished to be taken care of at home in his last months and final days of his life. He had experienced watching friends and family suffer in the mix of traditional nursing home environments, which often disregarded the individual needs and wishes of the patient. Jenny not only provided immaculate care for Grandpa, but also she went above and beyond of what any of us expected. Beforehaving Grandpa in her home, Jenny took the time to get to know him on a personal level, both as a caregiver and a confidant. Once in her home, for one-on-one care, she treated him as family and did her best to meet his every need and wish. Grandpa had always been a hard worker and had many “plans” in his head that he was still worried as his health began to decline. Jenny worked with Grandpa and made sure that none of his business went “unfinished” in his eyes. To see Grandpa respect and love Jenny, brought comfort to all of us. As difficult as these times can be, Jenny was also cognizant of family dynamics and provided reassurance to the entire family.She understands the natural frustrations and stresses that families can experience. Her approach to individuals, and families as a whole, made the experience easier to take. Her knowledge of the stages of dying enabled her to communicate to us on what to expect, which as difficult as it is to accept, made his passing even more peaceful. I cannot express the appreciation, love and respect our entire family has for Jenny. She has an indescribable passion to care for her patients. It is absolutely apparent that she truly loves what she does and loves her patients. Jenny is an Angel and we are thankful she was there for Grandpa and the entire family.


Kimberly Morgan

Cheyenne, WY

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